Nautical words

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Haar. Local name for a wet sea fog off E Coast of Scotland.

Hack Watch. Small timekeeper that is set to chronometer time and used on deck for timing astronomical sights.

Hadar. Star  Centauri. S.H.A. 150°; Dec. S60°; Mag. 0-9.

Hadley's Quadrant. First English quadrant devised for measuring altitudes. Invented by John'Hadley, 1730.

Hague Convention, 1899. International convention that gave immunity to hospital ships in time of war, and formulated rules for the settlement of international disputes.

Hague Rules, 1921. Enunciated certain rules and conditions regard­ing the carriage of goods by sea; most of these rules being incorporated in the 'Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1924'. Hail. Precipitation of small pieces of ice, or small balls of packed snow, from cumulonimbus cloud. 2. To call to a distance by word of mouth. Hailstone. A single ball of hail.

Hair Bracket.* Moulding immediately abaft a figurehead.

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