Nautical words

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Angular Diameter. Diameter of an observed object when expressed as the angle it subtends at eye of an observer.

Angular Distance. Distance between two observed points when expressed as angle it subtends at eye of observer.

Angular Momentum. Product of mass, distances from centre and angular velocities of all particles in a rotating body. Also defined as moment of inertia multiplied by angular velocity. Often called 'Moment of moments'.

Angular Velocity. Rate of revolution when expressed as angle passed through in unit time.

Angulated Sails. Triangular sails in which upper cloths are parallel to leech, and lower cloths are parallel to foot. Cloths meet at a girth band that is perpendicular to luff.

Ankaa. Star α Phoenicis. S.H.A. 354°; Dec. S 43°; Mag. 2-4.

Annealing. Process by which metals, and other substances, are heated to an appropriate temperature and then allowed to cool very slowly; so that internal stresses are removed and resiliency and elasticity are restored or induced.

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