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Guess Rope. 'Guess Warp.' Guess Warp

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Guess Rope. 'Guess Warp.'

Guess Warp. Rope with one end made fast at a distant point and the other end kept handy in ship so that a boat can be hauled along it by her crew. Standing end may be at a point well forward in ship, at a lower boom or at ring of a laid out kedge anchor.

Guess Warp Boom. Boom guyed out well forward in a ship to keep guess warp clear of ship's side, and give good length for boat to ride by.

Guest Warp. 'Guest Warp'.

Guiana Current. Westerly current about 50 miles off N Coasts of Brazil and Guiana. About 200 miles wide.

Guides. Iron castings guiding crosshead of piston of a reciprocating engine. Ahead guide is larger than astern guide and usually has a water service for cooling purposes.

Guinea Current. Easterly current running between Cape Roxo and Bight of Biafra. Rate sometimes exceeds three knots.

Gulf Stream. That part of Equatorial Current that has passed through Gulf of Mexico and has been deflected by land. Flows north and east to about Cape Hatteras, where it meets Arctic Current. It is a warm current and its contact with Arctic Current causes fogs in that area. Although warm current continues towards British Isles and Norway, modern practice considers Gulf Stream as ending southward of Newfoundland, the con­tinuing current then being called the 'North Atlantic Drift'.

Gulf Weed 159 Gyration

Gulf Weed. Weed found floating in an area of about a quarter of a million square miles of Gulf Stream between 19°W and 47°W and 20° to 45°N. Some of it is occasionally carried to British Isles.

Gull. Sea bird that feeds on fish and breeds on rocky headlands. There are about 20 different types and, in common speech, the name includes skua, tern, petrel and others.

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