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Grounding Clause. Inserted in a policy of marine insurance to exclude the taking of the ground, in certain rivers and harbours, from consideration as a stranding.

Ground Futtock. Floor timber lying on keel and bolted to keelson.

Ground Hold.* Old name for 'Ground Tackle'.

Ground Log. Log that measures vessel's speed over the ground. Has a lead, or other weight, and a marked log line.

Ground Rope. Roping along bottom of a trawl net.

Ground Swell. Swell not caused by wind prevailing at the place.

Ground Tackle. Ship's outfit of anchors and cables - particularly that part that is in use.

Ground Tier. Lowest tier of cargo in a hold.

Ground Ways. Launching ways down which the cradle slides.

Growing. Increasing of size of a wood-built vessel after launching.

Growler. Small iceberg that has broken away from a larger berg.

Grown Spar. Wooden spar made from one tree, as distinguished from a made spar.

Grus. Constellation in about R.A. 22 h; Dec. 47°S. Has one navigational star.

Guard Boat. Ship's boat, in R.N., carrying the officer of the guard.

Guard Rails. Permanent rails, or iron stanchions, with wire or chain rove, fitted on outboard edge of a weather deck or super­structure.

Guards, The. Stars y and p of Ursae Minoris, the Little Bear.

Guard Ship. Warship formerly anchored in a port to act as a receiving ship, to control movements afloat, and to maintain order.

Gudgeon. Fixture, on sternpost, in which pintle of a rudder is hinged. Formerly, a cut away part of carrick bitts that carried a metal bush in which spindle end of windlass worked. In engin­eering, a gudgeon is often a pin.

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