Nautical words

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Greenwich Hour Angle. Intercepted arc of Equinoctial between hour circle at Greenwich and hour circle at a given place, measured westerly.

Greenwich Mean Time. Time based on hour angle of point of definition of mean time as measured at Greenwich.

Greenwich Meridian. Adopted as the prime, or International, meridian, largely because its antemeridian - the Date Line - passes through no important land masses.

Gregale. N.E. gale in vicinity of Malta during winter. Name is also given to similar wind in Tyrrhenian Sea and off S. Coast of France.

Gregorian Calendar. Reformed calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. Previous (Julian) calendar assumed year to be 365 ¼ days, which was 0.0065 of a day in excess. Gregorian calendar will be in error by one day in A.D. 5442.

Gridiron. Horizontal, grated framework on to which a small vessel can be hauled for examination and repair of bottom; grating being hauled up inclined ways until clear of water.

Gripe. The forward deadwood. Flat surface in way of forefoot of a sailing vessel. Designed to make her more sensitive to helm, particularly when wearing, and to reduce leeway. 2. Sennit strips by which a boat is prevented from swinging when sus­pended from davits at sea. Also, length of wire or chain having a claw that fits over gunwale of boat and prevents movement in the crutches when stowed inboard. 3. Resistance set up by gripe of forefoot, causing vessel to lie closer to wind.

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