Nautical words

Granny. An incorrectly-made reef knot. Grape Shot

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Granny. An incorrectly-made reef knot.

Grape Shot. Cannon balls with diameter rather less than half the calibre of the gun firing them.

Grapnel. Iron shank with ring at one end and four curved arms, or claws, at other end. Used for hooking a submerged cable or wire. Formerly used for making attachment to a vessel so that she could be boarded. 2. Rope attached to a boat's anchor for riding by.

Grappling Iron. Grapnel when used for laying hold of a ship, or other floating body.

Grass Line. Coir hawser.

Graticule. From same root as 'Grating'. Network made on chart by lines of latitude and longitude.

Grating. Open work covering for a hatch or compartment requiring ventilation. 2. Open framing of crossed slats, with square open spaces, used in stern sheets of boats. 3. Bars or perforated covering across an opening.

Grave. To clean a vessel's bottom by burning off the fouling.

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