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Angle Bar. Rolled steel section of L shape. Angle Iron

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Angle Bar. Rolled steel section of L shape.

Angle Iron. Iron or steel stiffener inserted in an angle.

Angle of Cut 16 Anomalistic

Angle of Cut. The smaller angle at which a pair of position lines intersect on a chart.

Angle of Dip. See 'Dip'.

Angle of Incidence. Angle, at a point in a surface, between a perpendicular and a light ray coming to that point.

Angle of Position. In great circle sailing, is angle that great circle track makes with meridian at any given point. In celestial triangle, is angle at the heavenly body which is subtended by the colatitude.

Angle of Reflection. Angle, at reflecting surface, between a light ray and its reflected ray; its value is twice the angle of incidence.

Angle of Refraction. Angle that a refracted ray makes with the

line of its original path.

Angle of the Vertical. Difference between the perpendicular at a place and the extended radius of Earth passing through the place. Arises through Earth being an oblate spheroid. It is, therefore, the difference between True and Reduced latitudes of the place. Value is maximum in Lat. 45° (about) and is minimum at Poles.

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