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Gore. 'Goring Cloth.' Gore Strake

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Gore. 'Goring Cloth.'

Gore Strake. Strake that tapers to a point before reaching stem.

Gorge. Aperture, in a wood block, through which rope is rove. More usually called 'swallow*.
Goring 155 Grain Space

Goring. Said of a sail that increases in width downwards.

Goring Cloth. Side cloth of a topsail. Has oblique edge, at side, to increase width of foot.

Gottlieb's Log. Submerged log fitted near keel in early 19th century. Way of ship caused a wheel to turn, and so actuate registering mechanism inside ship.

Grab. Steel bucket consisting of two hinged parts which are open when lowered but closed when weight is taken for hoisting. Used when discharging, or loading, fluid cargoes such as shingle, coal, grain, etc.

Grab Lines. Becketted line around outside of a lifeboat. Fitted for men in water to grasp them.

Grab Rail. Protruding rail around sides of a deck house. Fitted for grasping in heavy weather.

Grab Ratline. Taut wire stretched just above rim of lower tops. Placed to assist men going aloft by futtock rigging.

Gradient. Rise or fall of barometric pressure as related to distance. Said to be 'steep' when pressure changes quickly with change of position; 'low' when it changes slowly.

Gradient Wind. Air movement due to a barometric gradient.

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