Nautical words

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Go by the Board. Said of a mast that breaks close to the deck.

Godfray's Azimuth Diagram. Devised by Hugh Godfray to facilitate the finding of true azimuth from latitude in, apparent time, and declination of observed heavenly body.

Godown. Oriental name for a storehouse or warehouse.

Going Free. Sailing with wind abaft the beam.

Going Large. Sailing with wind abaft the beam.

Golden Number. Every 19 years Moon goes through her changes on different dates, and then repeats them on these dates; this is called the 'Lunar Cycle' and was adopted in 433 B.C. The Golden Number of any year is the number it is in the Lunar Cycle. To find it: Add 1 to the year A.D. and divide by 19. The remainder, up to and including 19, is the Golden Number.

Gold Slide. Adjustable attachment to a mercurial barometer for giving resultant of corrections for index error, height of instru­ment above sea level, variation in gravity due to latitude, temperature. Correction is read from a scale alongside a small thermometer, and is noted before reading barometer. Invented by Col. E. Gold, D.S.O., F.R.S.

Gondola. Venetian boat rowed with one oar. Has a cabin amid­ships and an extended and ornamental stem piece.

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