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G.M.T. Greenwich Mean Time. Gnomon

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G.M.T. Greenwich Mean Time.

Gnomon. Perpendicular rod, or pillar, formerly used for measurĀ­ing altitude.

Gnomonic Chart. Chart constructed by gnomonic projection. All British Admiralty charts on scale of 1/50,000 or smaller are gnomonic. Charts of polar area are nearly always gnomonic.

Gnomonic Projection. Projection of Earth's surface on a plane that is tangent to surface at a given spot, and by lines from centre of Earth. Advantages are (1) So long as area is small there is no appreciable distortion: (2) projection of great circles are straight lines: (3) there is little distortion in polar regions. Its disĀ­advantage is that scale is not constant; areas away from point of tangency are distorted.

Go About 154 Gorge

Go About. To go from one tack to the other, when under sail, by putting ship's head through the wind.

Go Ahead. To move forward through the water. 2. To take station ahead of another vessel.

Goal Poster. Nickname given to a vessel having a rectangular girder structure athwart upper deck to support derricks. Stump mast is usually stepped in middle line of transverse girder.

Go Astern. To reverse engines so that vessel moves stern first. To move through water stern first. To take station astern of another vessel.

Gob Line. Back rope of a martingale. 2. A length of rope used in a tug to bowse in the towrope. Gog Rope.

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