Nautical words

Glasses. Binoculars. Glazed Frost

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Glasses. Binoculars.

Glazed Frost. Rain that freezes when surface temperature is below freezing point.

GIobigerina Ooze. Chalky, light-coloured mud found at about 3000 fathoms in Atlantic Ocean. Mainly composed of decomĀ­posed shells of globigerina and other Crustacea and molluscs.

Globular Sailing.* Old name for 'Spherical Sailing'.

Gloomy. Applied to weather that is dark, lowering and dismal.

Glory Hole. Any small enclosed space in which unwanted items are stowed when clearing up decks.

Glut. Doubling piece at centre of head of a square sail. Has a hole into which is passed becket of bunt jigger.

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