Nautical words

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Anchor Clinch. Alternative name for 'Inside Clinch'. Was often used when bending hemp cable to ring of anchor.

Anchor Flags. Small red, green and numeral flags used when anchoring or weighing. Red or green flag used on bridge to indicate which anchor is to be let go; numeral flag used forward to indicate to bridge the number of shackles out.

Anchor Ice. Ice, of any form, that is aground in the sea.

Anchor Lights. All round lights shown by vessel at anchor, in accordance with Rule of Collision Regulations.

Anchors and Chain Cables Acts. Statutory regulations concerning making, testing, marking and certifying of anchors, cables and connecting shackles used by seagoing vessels.

Anchor's Aweigh. (Away.) Report that anchor has been hove out of ground and is clear of it.

Anchor Shackle. Used in joining end of cable to anchor ring. Differs from joining shackle in being fitted with forelock for securing a protruding pin. Now obsolescent.

Anchor Stock.* Method of wooden shipbuilding in which butts of timbers were placed at middle of timbers above and below.

Anchor Watch. Officer and a few men of duty watch who remain on deck when ship is at anchor in an open roadstead.

Ancient.* Old name for 'Ensign'. Andrew. Naval seaman's nickname for Royal Navy. See 'Andrew Miller'.

Andrew Miller. Naval nickname for the Royal Navy. Said to be name of a zealous press gang officer.

Andromeda. Constellation situated between R.A. 00h and 02h; Dec. 28° to 42° N. Contains three bright stars, Alpheratz, Mirach, Almak.

Anemogram. Record made by a recording anemometer.

Anemograph. Instrument for recording wind force and, sometimes, direction.

Anemometer. Instrument for measuring wind velocity or pressure.

Anemometry. Science dealing with measurement of wind pressures.

Anemoscope. Instrument for detecting wind and indicating its direction.

Aneroidograph. Aneroid barometer fitted with clockwork and a paper carrying a pen to give a continuous record of barometric pressures. Seamen usually call it a 'barograph', but this term included mercurial recording barometers.

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