Nautical words

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Fundamental Formula. Equation cos a == cos b x cos c + cos A x sin b X sin c. Used in navigational problems to connect latitude, altitude, declination and hour angle.

Funnel. Tubular erection over boilers to carry away products of combustion. 2. Copper sheathing around head of topgallant masthead. Used for making a smooth surface for eyes of rigging to rest on, and so preventing chafe.

Funnel Cloud. Upper and visible part of water vapour arising from sea to form a waterspout.

Funnel Draught. Natural draught caused by convection and by top of funnel being considerably higher than furnaces.

Funnel Net. Fishing net in form of a tapering tube.

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1   ...   379   380   381   382   383   384   385   386   ...   963

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