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Frustration Clauses. Included in a war-time policy of insurance not containing the 'Free of Capture' clause. Relieves insurers of liability to make good a depreciation of freight, or cargo, caused by frustration of voyage through restraint of princes.

Fuel Coefficient. Ratio between fuel consumed and effective work done. The Admiralty coefficient for ship propulsion is based on:

_______D 2/3 V3_______

Fuel consumed in 24-hr. (in tons)

D being displacement in tons, V being speed in knots.

Fuel Consumption. Amount of fuel used in (a) going a given distance, or (b) one hour at a given speed: (a) varies as square of speed, (b) varies as cube of speed. These are approximate values.

Fuel Oils. Viscous oils, of petroleum group, used in marine boilers. S.G. 0.9 to 0.96; flash point 150°F to 180°F.

Full. Said of sail when full of wind.

Full and By. Sailing close-hauled with all sails drawing.

Full Due. Used as indicating finality or permanency; e.g. 'Belay for a full due.'

Fullering. Closing edge of lapped plate by forcing down its lower edge of lap with a fullering tool and hammer.

Full Moon. Phase of Moon when in opposition, and her disc is entirely illuminated.

Full Rigged. Said of a vessel carrying a full suit of square sails, to topgallants or above, on all other three or more masts.

Full Scantling. Applied to a vessel with flush main deck-but may have raised forecastle, bridge deck and poop and having such

constructive strength that allows her to have minimum freeboard.

Fulmar 148 Futtock Timbers

Fulmar. Small sea bird met with off St. Kilda island and in Arctic Ocean.

Fumigation. Destruction of vermin, insects or bacteria by applica­tion of fumes, gases or vapours.

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