Nautical words

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Amplitude of Tide. Distance between mean tide level and high or low water level of a tide or constituent tide.

Amuck. 'Amok.'

Anabatic Winds. Those winds that have an upward trend, such as daytime winds that pass upward from valleys.

Analysis. Separation into component elements, or into pre­determined groups or categories.

Anchor. Implement by which a ship becomes attached to the ground at sea bed, and so rendered stationary. Parts are: shank, arms, flukes, bill (or pea), stock, ring. They fall into three main groups: Admiralty Pattern, Close Stowing, Stockless. The Admiralty Pattern has a stock at right-angles to the arms which causes the anchor to lie so that one of the flukes will bite into the ground. The Close-stowing anchor has a stock in line with the arms, in the Danforth anchor the stock is attached at the same end of the stock as the arms. The Close-stowing and Stockless anchors have tripping palms which cause the flukes to bite into the ground. The Plough, or C.Q.R. anchor, has flukes shaped like a plough-share. Ship's equipment of anchors is laid down by law and is based, primarily, upon her length. The 'Anchors and Chain Cables Act' demands that exhaustive tests be made on ships' anchors. The 'Merchant Shipping Acts' require that every anchor shall be marked, in two places, with name or initials of maker, and shall carry a serial or progressive number.

Anchorage. An area in which the holding ground is good and suitable for ships to anchor. 2. A position in which ships are anchored. 3. The hold of an anchor in the ground. 4. Dues paid, in a port, for use of an anchorage ground.

Anchor Bed. Strongly-built fitting, on either side of forecastle in ships having stocked anchors, on which an anchor is stowed and secured.

Anchor Bell 15 Angle Iron

Anchor Bell. Bell, in fore part of ship, rung during fog in accord­ance with Rule of 'Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea'. Sometimes used for indicating to bridge the number of shackles of cable that are out.

Anchor Buoy. Small buoy, or block of wood, with its mooring rope made fast to crown of anchor. Used for indicating position of anchor when on the bottom.

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