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F Region. 'Appleton Layer.' Freight

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F Region. 'Appleton Layer.'

Freight. Freightage. Goods loaded for transport in a vessel. 2. Money paid for carriage of goods by sea. In marine insurance, includes value of service in carrying goods of owner. Does not include passage money.

Freightage. Freight. Payment for carriage of goods by sea.

Freighter. Sea-going vessel carrying cargo. 2. One who ships cargo into a vessel.

Freight/ing. Load/ing a ship with cargo.

French Bowline. Similar to bowline except that two bights are made, instead of one, before finishing off.

French Fake. 'Flemish Coil.'

French Sennit. Made with an odd number of strands, passing out­side strand over other strands to centre, and working from each side alternately.

French Shroud Knot. Joining of two 3-stranded ropes by marry­ing them and making wall knot on one side and a crown on the other side.

Fresh Breeze. Wind of Force 5 in Beaufort Scale. Speed 17-21 knots.

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