Nautical words

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'Forty Thieves.' Forty line of battle ships built, by contract, for Admiralty during Napoleonic wars. They were, more or less, failures.

Forward. Towards or at the bows. Fore part of a vessel.

Fothering. Closing small leaks in a vessel's underwater body by drawing a sail, filled with oakum, underneath her.

Fottinger Clutch. Hydraulic clutch in gearing of Bauer Wach turbine to propeller shaft. Used for smoothing out variations in torque.

Foul. To entangle, obstruct, or collide with.

Foul Anchor. Anchor when foul of its own cable. Sometimes said when anchor is foul of an obstruction on bottom.

Foul Berth. Anchorage in which there is not room to swing at change of tide.

Foul Ground. Sea bottom in which sunken wrecks or other obstruc­tions may cause anchor to become foul.

Foul Hawse. Having two cables out and one across, or foul of, the other.

Foul Water. Area of water containing menaces to navigation.

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1   ...   370   371   372   373   374   375   376   377   ...   963

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