Nautical words

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Fore and Aft Schooner. Vessel having fore and aft sails only. Used for differentiating such a vessel from a topsail schooner.

Fore Bitters. Songs sung on forecastle during dog watches. (R.N.)

Fore Cabin. Passenger accommodation that is inferior to saloon.

Forecastle. In Royal Navy is the upper deck from right forward to some line, usually the screen bulkhead, abaft the cable holders. In Merchant Navy is the crew's quarters, even when these are aft. In flush-decked sailing ships it extended from forward to the main tack block.

Forecastle Head. Merchant Navy name for topgallant forecastle.

Fore Course. Sail bent to fore lower yard.

Forefoot. Lower extremity of stem, usually curved, where it joins keel. Generally regarded as part of keel, the stem being said to rest upon it.
Fore Ganger 143 Fore Topmast

Fore Ganger. Short piece of rope, grafted on harpoon, and to which harpoon line is bent.

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