Nautical words

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Foraminifera (ous). Very small and elementary type of marine life that lives in a shell. 'Foraminiferous' is adjective used when describing ooze, or other sample of sea bed, that contains foraminifera.

Forbes' Distance Recorder. Attachment used with Forbes' log to

record the distance run.

Forbes' Log. Consists, basically, of a manganese bronze tube that can be protruded through bottom of ship at a position near her turning point. Bottom of tube carries a vane that rotates as ship moves through water, sending an electric signal every 0.01 of a mile travelled. These signals operate the 'Distance Recorder' and Elphinstone's Speed Indicator.

Force of Wind. Velocity, or momentum, of wind expressed by a figure in the Beaufort Scale. Seldom exceeds 20 Ib. per sq. ft.

Forced Draught. Air supply, to a furnace, that has been increased beyond normal by subjecting it to pressure, by increasing its speed, or by expediting the removal of exhaust gases.

Forced Points. Alternative name for 'By points' of compass.

Fore. In or towards the forward part of a ship.

Fore and Aft. Leading or lying in the same direction as the length of a ship. 2. Embracing the whole length of a ship.

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