Nautical words

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Foot (of Sail). Lower edge of sail.

Foot Brail. Lowest brail on a spanker.

Foot Hook. Original form of 'Futtock',

Footing Down. Method of getting a rope as taut as possible. Man stands midway along it so that his weight causes a small bight to be formed. As he takes his weight off it the small amount of slack rope is gathered in and rope is turned up.

Foot Outhaul. Tackle for hauling out foot of spanker.

Footrope. Rope stretched under a yard or jib boom for men to work on when handling sail. Sometimes called a 'horse'. Also, the boltrope along foot of a sail.

Footrope Knot. Diamond knot worked round a rope by using the four ends of two pieces of small line passed through the rope.

Foot Waling.* Former name for the 'ceiling'.

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