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Fish Fall. Fall of a fish tackle. Fish Front

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Fish Fall. Fall of a fish tackle.

Fish Front. Rounded timber on fore side of a made mast.

Fishing Boat. Any fishing vessel other than those engaged in seal, whale, walrus, or Newfoundland cod fisheries—but including Canadian and Newfoundland cod fishing vessels, and Scottish vessels whaling off Scottish coasts.

Fishing Boat's Register 137 Flake

Fishing Boat's Register. Certificate of registry of a fishing boat.

Fishing Lights. Statutory lights required to be shown by a vessel engaged in fishing.

Fish Plate. Name given to boundary iron on outboard side of a superstructure deck.

Fish Sides. Convex timbers on sides of a made mast.

Fish Tackle. Small tackle at head of fish davit. Used for lifting flukes of anchor to billboard or anchor bed.

Fish Tail. Name sometimes given to rotator of patent log.

Fitting Out Supplying and fitting hull of a vessel with all the additional fixtures, rigging and attachments it requires.

Fitzroy Beacon. Type of dan buoy used by surveying ships. Is somewhat similar to Ormonde beacon, but is floated by two 25-gallon oil drums and has a heel weight of 1 ½ cwt.

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