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Filler, Filling. Piece put into a made mast to complete its shape.

Filling. Name was formerly given to a composition sheathing - placed between frames of a wooden vessel to close seams and exclude vermin.

Fine Lines. Said of a ship that has a fine entrance and less than average beam.

Fire Appliances. Usual name for fire-fighting appliances.

Fire Booms. Booms rigged out from ship's side and carrying a rope secured at head of each boom. Used for keeping off fire ships and other hostile craft.

Firefoam. Preparation for extinguishing oil fires by spreading foam over oil surface, and smothering the ignited layer.

Fire Ship. Comparatively worthless vessel loaded with combustibles and allowed to drift amongst fleet of enemy ships at anchor; fire ship being ignited just before contact.

Firing Point. That temperature at which a given liquid gives off vapour in sufficient quantity for the surface layer to ignite when vapour is ignited by flash.

First Mate. Deck officer next in rank below Master. Officer holding a First Mate's Certificate of Competency.

First Meridian. Prime meridian. Meridian from which longitude is reckoned. By general consent the meridian of Greenwich has been adopted.

First of Exchange 136 Fishing Boat

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