Nautical words

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Fiddley, Fidley. Stokehold casing and funnel casing.

Fid Hammer. Hammer with one end elongated and tapered. Used when knocking out a fid. Tapered end makes an emergency fid.

Fiducial Points 135 First Meridian

Fiducial Points. Those indications, in the graduation of a scale, that were carefully and precisely ascertained; and were not deduced from other indications in the scale.

Fiducial Temperature. That temperature at which the reading of a mercurial barometer requires no correction for expansion of mercury.

Field Ice. Ice pack whose limits cannot be seen from ship.

Field Magnet. Permanent magnet of a dynamo- Establishes a magnetic field in which armature rotates.

Field of View. Area that can be seen when looking through an optical instrument.

Fife Rail. Horizontal rail, or timber, in which are a series of belaying pins.

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1   ...   347   348   349   350   351   352   353   354   ...   963

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