Nautical words

Fetch Away. To break adrift. Fid

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Fetch Away. To break adrift.

Fid. Strong wood or metal pin passing horizontally through heel of an upper mast and resting on trestle tree of mast below. 2. Large and conical piece of wood used for opening strands of large rope. Often has broad base so that it can stand vertically when rope is worked over its point.

Fiddle Block. Block having one shell but appearing to be two blocks end to end. Each part has its own sheave, but strop passes around both parts. Has all advantages of a double block with additional advantages that it is narrower, and block has no tendency to topple.

Fiddle Head. Ornamental carving on stem of a vessel when it remotely resembles a fiddle.

Fiddles. Wooden fittings clamped to meal tables in heavy weather. They limit movement of dishes, plates, glasses, etc.

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1   ...   346   347   348   349   350   351   352   353   ...   963

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