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American Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1936

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American Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1936. Legislation that affects all contracts of carriage by sea to or from ports in U.S.A.

American Grommet. Brass eyelet that is clinched into a sail, awning or other canvas article.

American Practical Navigator. Book on navigational methods, together with appropriate tables. Written by Nathaniel Bowditch, LL.D., in 1802. Has been revised and brought up to date frequently.

American Whipping. Similar to a common whipping except that the two ends of twine are brought out in middle of whipping and are finished off with a reef knot.

America's Cup. International yacht racing trophy. Given by Royal Yacht Squadron and won by yacht 'America' in 1851. Held by U.S.A. since then. Now held by New York Yacht Club as a challenge cup.

Amidships. Middle part of a ship, or a middle line in her— either fore and aft or athwartships.

'Amidships.' Order to helmsman to move wheel or tiller so that rudder is in ship's fore and aft line, and has no turning effect.

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