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Feather (an Oar). To put the blade of oar horizontal, when taken from water at end of stroke, and keep it so during its movement forward.

Feather Edged. Said of a plank that is thicker along one edge than along the other edge.

Feathering Float. Paddle board of a feathering paddle wheel.

Feathering Paddle Wheel. Wheel having a subsidiary gearing so that paddles are mechanically governed and enter water vertically, remain vertical while submerged, and so propel vessel directly forward or astern.

Feathering Propeller, Screw. Propeller having gearing that can cause blades to be turned fore and aft when vessel is under sail alone.

Feather Spray. Foaming water that rises upward immediately before stem of any craft being propelled through water.

Feed 134 Fid Hammer

Feed. Water pumped into boiler to maintain water level. 2. Oil fed to sprayers of oil-burning furnace.

Feeder. Temporary wooden trunkway fitted in hatch of a vessel carrying grain in bulk. Contains between 2 per cent and 6 per cent of hold capacity, and feeds the hold as grain settles. 2. Usual name for 'oil feeder'.

Feed Heating. Increasing temperature of boiler feed water, or fuel oil, immediately before feeding.

Feed Tank. Any tank that feeds a service. Particularly, tank that contains feed water for boilers.

Feeler. Small implement used when sounding with deep-sea apparĀ­atus. Consists of stout wire, mounted in a wood handle, with extremity of wire bent at right angle to remainder. Laid on wire, when sounding, to detect momentary slacking of wire when sinker reaches the bottom.

Felucca. Undecked boat of Mediterranean. Has long beak, lateen sails and may pull up to 12 oars a side.

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