Nautical words

Fair On. Fair in place. Fairway

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Fair On. Fair in place.

Fairway. Navigable water in a channel, harbour or river.

Fair Weather. Adjective applied to a person or fitting that is satisfactory in fair weather, but disappointing in adverse cirĀ­cumstances.

Fair Wind. Wind that is not before the beam and not directly aft.

Fake. One circle of a coil of rope. To coil or arrange a rope ornamentally with each fake flat, or almost flat, on the deck, usually in a circle or figure-of-eight pattern. Sometimes called 'cheesing down'.

Falcate. Said of Moon when in first or fourth quarter. Sickle-shaped.

Falconet 132 Fanal

Falconet.* Old ordnance firing a shot of 1 Ā¼ to 2 Ib. Length 6 ft; weight 4 cwt.

Fall. Hauling part of a purchase or tackle. Rope by which a boat is hoisted.

Fall Away. To be blown to leeward. Can be said of a vessel with relation to a fixed object, or to ship's head with relation to her projected course.

Fall Astern. To get astern of another vessel by reduction of speed.

Fall Aboard. To come in contact with another vessel, more or less broadside on, through action of wind or tide.

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