Nautical words

Alwaid. Star β Draconis. Always Afloat

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Alwaid. Star β Draconis.

Always Afloat. Charter party stipulation that a ship shall not be required to load, discharge or wait turn at a berth where she would take the ground at some state of the tide.

Amain.* Quickly and suddenly.

Amalfian Code. 'Amalphitan Code.'

Amalgam. Compound of mercury with another metal.

Amalgamated Trough. Metal trough into which mercury is put to form an artificial horizon. Inside of trough is amalgamated to prevent metallic action by the mercury.

Amalphitan Code. Collection of navigation laws codified at Amalfi in 11th century. Was generally accepted as authoritative for many years.

Amazon Current. Outflow of river Amazon, which is manifest for a very considerable distance north and east of river mouth.

Ambergris. Valuable and sweet-smelling substance ejected by the cachalot whale. May be found floating on sea in tropical latitudes.

'America.' Schooner yacht that won 'America's Cup', 22nd August, 1851, in race round Isle of Wight. Length 94 ft., tonnage 171. Built by G. & J. R. Speers, New York.

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