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Extra Flexible Steel Wire Rope

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Extra Flexible Steel Wire Rope. Has 24 wires, around a fibre heart, in each of its six strands.

Extra Zodiacal Planet, Planet whose orbit extends beyond zodiacal belt. An asteroid.

Eye. Loop of eye splice, particularly one in stays and shrouds.

Eyebolt. Circular loop of metal secured for taking hook of shackle of purchase, or rigging.

Eyebrow. Semicircular guttering above a circular port or a scuttle.

Eyelet/Hole 130 Eye Splice

Eyelet/Hole. Small hole in canvas to take a lacing or lanyard. May be stitched or grommeted.

Eyelet Punch. Specially shaped tool used, with block, when clinch­ing brass grommets to an eyelet.

Eye of Anchor. Circular hole, at upper end of shank, to take ring or shackle pin.

Eye of Storm. Central area of calm in a tropical cyclone.

Eye of Wind. Direction from which wind blows. Point directly to windward.

Eyepiece. Small lens of telescope, through which/observer looks.

Eyes of Her. Extreme forward end of a vessel. Hawse holes for cable. Chinese vessels have eye painted each side of stem on outboard side.

Eye Splice. The tucking of strands of a rope into the same rope after its end has been turned back to make a loop.

Face Piece 131 Falcate

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