Nautical words

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Equation of Time. Difference between mean time and apparent time; between hour angles of mean and true suns; between right ascensions of mean and true suns. Varies between 16 ¾ minutes minus to apparent time, and 14 ½ minutes plus to it. Is zero about April 15, June 15, September 1 and December 24.

Equator. That great circle, of terrestrial sphere, whose axis and poles are the rotational axis and poles of earth. Latitude is measured north and south from it.

Equatorial Air. Name sometimes given to 'Tropical Air'.

Equatorial Counter Current. Ocean current setting E'ly through Doldrums between N and S Equatorial Currents.

Exmeridian Altitude. Altitude of a heavenly body taken when near to meridian but not on it. Used for finding latitude.

Expansion. Increase in volume due to application of energy or force, or to release of compression.

Expansion Joint. Joint across the top decks of a large passenger ship to allow for the working of that part of the ship in a seaway.

Expansion Trunk. Compartment in oil-carrying vessel. Carries a reserve supply of oil for compensating changes in volume of cargo due to changes of temperature.

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