Nautical words

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Epoch of Chronometer. Elapsed interval from the last comparison. Generally expressed in days and fraction of a day.

Epotides.* Blocks of wood on either side of stem of a galley.

Equal Altitudes. Two observations of the same body, one on either side of meridian, when used for finding longitude.

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Equation. Two quantities, or groups of quantities, that are equal algebraically or arithmetically. Also, a constant to be applied to one value to obtain a required value.

Equation of Equal Altitudes. Method of finding time of meridian transit of a heavenly body by timing an altitude on one side of meridian and then noting instant when altitude is the same on other side of meridian. Ignoring change in declination, mean of times will be time of meridian transit.

Equation of Light. Time taken by light of Sun to reach Earth. Value is 08 m 20 sec.

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