Nautical words

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End Seizing. 'Flat Seizing.'

Endurance. Number of miles a vessel can travel at a given speed, or horse power, before exhausting her fuel.

Engagement. Act of hiring or employing.

Engineer 128 Equal Altitudes

Engineer. Officer who is in charge of engines for the time being. Certificated officer competent to take charge of engines and to effect repairs and adjustments.

Engine-Room. Space in which main engines are situated, controlled and attended.

Engine Seat. Strengthened floors, plates and other members, in which bedplate and main engines rest.

English Quadrant. 'Backstaff,' or 'Davis Quadrant'.

English Sennit. Made with any number of parts, each of which is laid alternately over and under the other parts.

Enif. Star  Pegasi. S.H.A. 34°; Dec. S10°; Mag. 2-5.

Enquette du Pavilion. Demand, made by warship, for a vessel to show her national ensign.

Ensign. National flag or banner; more especially when national ensign is in upper inner canton and remainder is of one colour.

Entering In. Reporting arrival of a ship to Customs authorities, by Master.

Entering Out. Report made to Customs authorities before taking cargo into a ship.

Entering Port. 'Entry Port'. In some countries special ports are nominated at which vessels must first call before other harbours may be visited. Vessels must also call at the Entry Port before finally leaving the country.

Entrance. Form of fore part of vessel's hull below water line.

Entropy. Heat energy that is not convertible to work.

Entry. Opening, in ship's side, by which one enters. 2. Entrance.

Epact. Difference in days and parts of a day, between 12 lunations and a solar year. Value is 10 days 15 hours. Epact for the year is Moon's age at 00 hrs. on January 1. Epact for the month is Moon's age at 00 hrs. on first day of month, assuming Epact of year to be 00 hrs.

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