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Elphinstone's Speed Indicator

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Elphinstone's Speed Indicator. Instrument used in conjunction with Forbe's log to convert distance recordings into speed indications.

Eitanin. Star y Draconis. S.H.A. 91°; Dec. N51°; Mag. 2-4.

Embargo. Governmental restraint on the sailing of a ship from a port, or the shipment of specified cargoes.

Embarkation. The going on board, or putting on board a vessel.

Embrail. To brail up, or brail in, a sail.

Emersion. End of an occulation when occulted body emerges from behind the occulting body.

Emigrant. Person who goes from one country to settle in another. In law, is a steerage passenger.

Emigrant Ship. One carrying emigrants. In law, is one carrying more than 50 steerage passengers, or one statute adult for every 20 tons (33 tons in sailing ship) of registered tonnage.

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