Nautical words

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Electric Propulsion. Ship propulsion by propellers driven by elec­tricity generated in a ship.

Electric Psychrometer. Hygrometer of Assmann type but with electrically-driven fan.

Electric Superheater. Electrically-heated element interposed between H.P. and I.P. engine to reheat exhaust steam from H.P. cylinder.

Electric Welding. Uniting of two pieces of metal, by fusion, with an electric arc.

Electrode. Conductor by which electricity is passed to a liquid or gas.

Electro Magnet/ Core of iron or steel, surrounded by a coil, and becoming magnetised when electric current passes through coil.

Elephanta. Electrical storm accompanying the break of the Indian rainy season and commencement of Madras monsoon.

Elevated Pole. That pole of Earth, or heavens, that has same name as observer's latitude, and is, therefore, above his horizon.

Elevation. Height above a given plane. May be expressed in lineal measurement, or as an angle. Formerly used as meaning 'altitude'.

Elliot's Eye.* Splice formerly made in rope cable. One strand was unlaid into three smaller ropes: two of these ropes were long-spliced together, the third was eye-spliced. Thimble was then fitted into the two eyes thus formed; the whole being finished off with a seizing and keckling.

Ellipse 127 Engagement

Ellipse. Plane figure bounded by a curve around two points (foci) of such form that the sum of length of two lines drawn from any point in curve to the two foci will be equal to length of major axis. Ellipse is important in that its perimeter is the curve in which any satellite heavenly body goes around its primary.

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