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Altitude of Heavenly Body

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Altitude of Heavenly Body. Intercepted arc of a vertical circle between horizon and the body. The altitude may be the 'observed', 'apparent' or 'true' according to the horizon from

which it is measured, and the point at which the angle is situated.

Alto. Prefixed to name of cloud form, denotes that it is at high level.

Altocumulus. Cloud form consisting of flattened globular, small clouds in regular layers. Altocumulus Castellatus. Altocumulus cloud form with top edge shaped somewhat like battlements.

Altostratus. Gauzelike cloud form, at high altitude, resembling mist or fog. Density varies, sometimes stars can be seen through it, at other times it may hide Moon or even Sun.

Alwaid 13 Ampere

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