Nautical words

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Duration of Tide. Time interval between occurrence of low water and the following high water, or between high water and follow­ing low water.

Dutchman's Log. Piece of wood thrown overboard, well forward and used for ascertaining speed of ship by timing its passage between two marks, of known distance apart, on ship.

Duty. Service or work that should rightly be rendered. 2. Tax or custom charge imposed by a government on goods imported, exported or consumed.

Duty Free. Exempted from customs duty.

Dwarf Star. One of small mass and low candle power, but of enormously high density. Dwarf star companion of Procyon weighs about 250 tons per cubic inch.

Dygogram. Geometrical construction representing the direction and amount of each force acting on a magnetic compass.

Dynamical Mean Sun. Imaginary body moving along Ecliptic and travelling from perigee to perigee at a constant speed and in the same time as that taken by true Sun. Not considered

in navigation.

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