Nautical words

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Drift Anchor. Sea anchor. Drogue.

Drift Angle. Difference between course steered and course made good when due to action of current.

Drifter. Fishing boat that streams very long buoyed nets, and rides to the leeward end of them.

Drift Ice. Ice in an area containing several small pieces of floating ice, but with total water area exceeding total area of ice.

Drift Lead. Hand lead dropped on bottom, and with end of line made fast inboard, to indicate if an anchored vessel commences to drag anchor.

Drift Net. Fishing net about 120 ft. long by 20 ft. deep. Buoyed with cork along head. Several of these are joined to form a very long net; so that nets may extend a considerable distance to windward of the drifter to which they are attached.

Drift Piece. Upright or curved timber connecting plank sheer with gunwale of wooden ship.

Drifts. In sheer draught, are where rails are cut, and ended with scroll iron.

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