Nautical words

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Douglas Protractor. Square, transparent, protractor with a graticule of squares, and degrees marked on the edges.

Douglas Sea and Swell Scale. International scale for recording state of sea by a figure between 0 and 9; and swell by figures between 00 and 99, upper and lower figures inclusive.

Douse. To lower quickly and suddenly. To extinguish a light by dousing an extinguisher. To take in a sail. 'Douse the glin': Put out the light.

Dousing Chocks. Pieces of wood laid across apron of wooden ship, and extended to knight heads.

Dow. 'Dhow.'

Dowel. Small circular piece of wood let into deck plank to cover countersunk head of fastening bolt.

Dowelling. Joining wood spars by making shaped projections, on one of the parts, fit into corresponding cut-out portions in the other part.

Down. Said of a tiller when it is put to leeward while sailing.

Downhaul. Rope rove for hauling down purposes. Especially applied to rope by which jib, staysail, jaw of gaff, or flag are hauled down.

Downton Pump. Double-acting pump in which piston is solid, and valves are so placed as to be easily accessible for clearing. Used for pumping bilges, or for sea suction.

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