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Double Whip. See 'Whip'.

Doubling Angle on Bow. Method of finding distance from a fixed point, or object, by measuring distance run from a point where its angle on bow has certain value, to another point where the angle on bow of same object, is double the value of the first. Distance run between bearings will be equal to distance of observed object at second bearing if course steered and distance run through water are made good over the ground. Correction must be made for any leeway, or set and drift of tidal current.

Doubling. Sailing round a point of land. 2. Extra strip of canvas stitched to sail for strengthening. 3. Turned in edge of sail that takes boltrope. 4. Piece of timber on after side of wooden bitts. 5. Additional timber fastened to outer skin of vessel when working amongst floating ice. 6. Generally applied to any lap of plate, planking or canvas.

Doublings. Those parts of a built mast where the upper end of one mast lies abaft the lower part of a mast extending above it.

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