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Double Chronometer. Name given to the finding of a ship's position by Sumner's Method, and using two heavenly bodies sufficiently distant from the meridian.

Double Clewed Jib. Four-sided jib with two clews. Introduced by Sopwith in 'Endeavour', 1934, to take place of jib and jib top sail.

Double Compound Engine. Reciprocating engine consisting of two engines having h. p. and l. p. cylinders.

Double Luff. Purchase having two double blocks with standing part of rope made fast at head of one block.

Double Summer Time. See 'Summer Time.

Double Tide. Occurrence of two high waters in one semidiurnal period. Noticeable at Portland, Southampton and other places.

Double Topsail 119 Draft

Double Topsail. Two topsails, without reefs, that take the place of a large topsail that can be reefed. Sail area is reduced by furling upper topsail.

Double Up. (Moorings.) To duplicate all mooring ropes.

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1   ...   306   307   308   309   310   311   312   313   ...   963

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