Nautical words

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Distortion of Charts. See 'Chart Distortion.'

Distraint. Legal seizure of ship or goods in satisfaction of a debt.

Distress. In a state of danger and in need of assistance. Also alternative name for 'Distraint'.

Distressed Seaman. Seaman, who, through no fault of his own but through some event in his employment, is in need of assist­ance, to maintain himself and to return home or to a proper return port.

Distress Signals. Customary and statutory indications that a vessel, or her personnel, are in danger and in need of assistance.

Ditch. Colloquial name for the sea. To ditch is to throw overboard.

Ditcher 116 Dock

Ditcher. Name given to a small light draught vessel that can navigate narrow, shallow channels.

Ditty Bag. Small canvas bag in which a seaman keeps his small stores and impedimenta.

Ditty Box. Small wooden box, with lock and key, in which seamen of R.N. keep sentimental valuables, stationery and sundry small stores.

Diurnal. Daily. Occurring once a day.

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