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All Told. All being counted. Almak

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All Told. All being counted.

Almak. Star  Andromedae. S.H.A. 330°; Dec. N 42°; Mag. 2-2.

Almanac. Presentation of certain information day by day for a year.

Almucantars.* Circles parallel to horizon and passing through each degree of the vertical circles.

Almucantar's Staff.* Olden instrument, made of pear wood or boxwood with a 15° arc. Was used for measuring amplitude.

Al Na'ir. Star  Gruis. S.H.A. 29°; Dec. S 47°; Mag. 2.2.

Alnilam. Star  Orionis. S.H.A. 276°; Dec. S 01°; Mag. 1-8.

Aloft. Has a variety of meanings. In the 18th century often meant above the mess deck. More usually means above the highest part of the upper deck; above the sheerpole; above the lower tops.

Alongside. Close beside a ship, wharf or jetty. In charter parties, means that ship is so close to wharf or lighter that cargo can be transferred from one to the other by tackles.

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