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Abandonment of Voyage. Renunciation of, or withdrawal from, an intended voyage—whether done voluntarily or through force of circumstances.

Abandon Ship. Entirely to vacate a ship and to relinquish, or to repudiate, all duties towards her preservation. Done only when the carrying out of these duties is impossible, or when the destruction of the ship is imminent.

Abeam. Position or direction that lies at right angles to ship's fore and aft line.

Aberration. 'A wandering from the path.' In astronomy, is the difference between the true and apparent positions of a heavenly body when caused by Earth's movement in space: it is too small to affect navigation. In meteorology, is the difference between directions of true and apparent winds that is caused by ship's movement when inclined to wind direction. In optics, is the deviation of light rays from a true focus.

Able Seaman 2 Absolute Temperature

Able Seaman. An experienced seaman competent to perform the usual and customary duties on deck. In sailing ships, had to be able to 'hand, reef and steer'. In Merchant Navy, has to have served satisfactorily on deck and pass an exam. In Royal Navy, has to have served a specified period at sea and satisfactorily completed certain courses of instruction.

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