Nautical words

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Dipping a Light. Sailing away from a navigational beacon light and so causing it to dip below horizon.

Dipping Colours—Ensign. Lowering national colours as a salute.

Dipping Lug. Lugsail that has to be lowered a little, when going about, so that throat of sail and end of yard can be dipped round mast.

Dipping Needle. Magnetic needle on horizontal axis; used when measuring inclination of Earth's magnetic force.

Dipsy. Name sometimes given to deep sea lead. 2. Float on fishing line.

Direct Current. Electrical current flowing in one direction.

Directing Force. That component, of magnetism of a compass needle, that directs the needle into the magnetic meridian.

Direction. Of wind, is compass point from which it blows. Of current, is direction towards which it sets.

Direction Finder. Instrument for finding the bearing of a transmitt­ing radio station or radio beacon.

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1   ...   293   294   295   296   297   298   299   300   ...   963

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