Nautical words

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Deviation (or Compass). Angle that compass needle makes with the magnetic meridian at a place when due to attracting forces in ship or cargo.

Devil. Deck seam between ship's side and outboard line of planking.

Devil Fish. Large fish of ray family. Has enormous head, and is 3 to 5 ft. in length.

Devil's Claw. Two-pronged hook, or claw, that drops over side of link of cable. Attached to deck and used for holding cable temporarily.

Devil to pay and no pitch hot.' Refers to 'devil' deck seam. Means a difficult job to be done and no preparation made.

De Vries-Smitt Tide Gauge. Submerged tide gauge used by Netherlands Hydrographic Office. Records variations of water pressure due to change in height of water level; gauge being at constant distance from bottom.

Dew. Particles of water deposited by atmosphere when in contact with a surface whose temperature is below that of dew point.

Dew Point. Lowest temperature to which air can be cooled without condensation of its water vapour. Should temperature fall below this point fog or mist may form.

D.F. Bearing. Position line obtained from a directional radio beam.

Dghaisa. Open boat with greatly extended stem and stern posts. Peculiar to Malta. Two oars are pushed.

Dhow. Arab sailing vessel of about 150-200 tons. Has one mast and very large lateen sail.

Diacoustics 113 Dip

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