Nautical words

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Destitute Foreign Seamen. In M.S.A. is applied to certain Asiatics, Africans, South Sea Islanders and foreign seamen of countries who have no Consul in the United Kingdom.

Destroyer. 'Torpedo Boat Destroyer.' Fast, unarmoured, warship armed with torpedoes and guns, capable of attacking large war­ships with her torpedoes and submarines with depth-charges.

De-Superheater. Appliance for removing excess heat from super­heated steam that is to be used for auxiliary machinery. Gener­ally effected by an automatically controlled system of water spraying.

Detention. The holding of a vessel in a port—without resorting to seizure, arrest or capture by a sovereign power or competent authority.

Determination. Exact ascertainment of position, amount, or other required information.

Deviation. Applied to a voyage, is an unjustified and unnecessary departure from normal course or customary route; delay in sailing, tardiness on voyage, arrival at port other than that intended, or any divergence that makes the voyage other than that intended.

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1   ...   289   290   291   292   293   294   295   296   ...   963

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