Nautical words

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Alkaid (Benetnasch). Star  Ursae Majoris. S.H.A. 154°; Dec. N 50°. Arabic for 'The Chief.

All Aback. With the wind on fore side of the sails. Used collo­quially to mean 'astounded' or 'flabbergasted'.

All Aboard. Order to embark.

All Hands. All the crew.

All in the Wind. With all sails shaking through wind being on their luffs. Normally occurs when ship passes through wind from one tack to the other, but can also be caused by bad steering when close hauled.

Allonge. Sheets attached to a Bill of Exchange for further endorse­ments when there is no more room on the Bill itself.

All other Perils. Phrase used in marine insurance policy to mean 'perils similar to those specifically mentioned'.

Allotment Note. Authority given by a seaman for the shipowner to pay part of the seamen's earnings to a near relative, or to a savings bank, nominated by the seaman. The amount to be paid and the intervals between payments are, within limits, at the discretion of the seaman.

Allowance. Short name for 'Fresh water allowance'. 2. Name often given to gratuity given to cargo trimmers and others by shipmaster.

All Standing. Applied to a sudden stopping of a ship when brought about without engines being eased or sail reduced. To turn in all standing is to lie down fully dressed.

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