Nautical words

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Degree of Dependence. Measure of probable error in an observa­tion or assessment.

Dekad. Meteorological name for a period of ten days.

Delambre's Analogies. Formulae for solving spherical triangles in terms of those used for solving plane triangles.

De Laval Turbine. Uncompounded turbine that is used for driving pumps and dynamos.

Delta. Triangular area of sediment in mouth of a river, so giving river more than one discharging channel.

Delta Metal. Alloy of copper, zinc and iron. Much used for engineering purposes.

Demi-Culverin. Naval gun of Tudor times. Threw ball of 9-10 Ib.

Demise. Temporary transfer of a vessel to another party under such terms and conditions that the owner ceases to have any control over her for the period of the charter.

Demurrage. Money paid to shipowner, by charterer, when his ship is detained beyond the lay days mentioned in charter party.

Deneb Adige. Star Cygni. Usually called 'Deneb'. S.H.A. 50°; Dec. 45°N.

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