Nautical words

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Deep Sea Leadline. One-inch cable laid rope, 100 fathoms long, used with deep sea lead. Marked as hand leadline to 20 fathoms, then every 5 fathoms.

Deep Sea Sounding. Ascertaining sea depths beyond reach of hand lead. Also applied to a sounding exceeding 100 fathoms.

Deep Tank. Ballast tank extending from 'tween deck to bottom of ship, and from shipside to shipside. Has centre fore and aft bulkhead, with valve between compartments. May be utilized for cargo.

Deep Waist. Upper deck in a ship with high forecastle and poop.

Deep Waisted. Said of a ship having a deep waist.

Deface.* To strip a wooden ship of her planking and leave the ribs bare.

Deflector. Instrument invented by Lord Kelvin for measuring directive force of a compass mounted in a steel or iron ship. Measurements are made with ship's head on four cardinal points.

Degaussing. Neutralising magnetic effect of steel or iron vessel by encircling her with wires carrying electric current. Used as protection against magnetic mines.

Degree. Originally, arc of Ecliptic travelled by Sun in one day. Now, angle subtended by 1/360th of circumference of a circle.

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