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Declaration of London, 1909

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Declaration of London, 1909. Rules and regulations framed by an International Naval Conference, but not formally ratified.

Declaration of Paris, 1856. Abolished privateering; declared that neutral flag covers enemy goods, but not contraband of war; neutral goods, other than contraband, not liable to capture;

blockade must be effective to be legal.

Declination. Angular distance, of a heavenly body, north or south of Equinoctial. 2. Former name for variation of compass.

Declination Circle. Great circle, of celestial concave, that is per­pendicular to Equinoctial. Also called hour circle, of circle of Right Ascension.

Declination Inequalities. Variations in heights or intervals of high and low waters of tides when due to variations in declination of Sun and Moon.

Deep. Navigable channel bounded by shoal water. 2. Applied to frames and stringers that have been widened, by extending plate between angle bars, to give additional strength. 'Deep.' Leadsman's call before naming a sounding in fathoms that is not marked in lead line.

Deep Sea Lead. 28-lb. lead used for taking soundings by hand in deep water.

Deep Sea Leadline 110 Density

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